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Well Done Coyote

The eclectic ensemble from Denmark offers a unique blend of Ska, Reggae, Jazz and Rock music, already establishing a distinctive and original style on their debut release Perish & Learn.

The Jamaican genres may seem an outdated curiosity of sorts, but do not be fooled though; the rocking, swaying, earth shattering and intensely swinging Roots Reggae-precursor of Ska is currently enjoying a renewed raison d’être. The spiritually emancipating and soul searching modus characterizing Roots Reggae, remains the foundation of Well Done Coyote’s take on Ska music in the year 2021. Well Done Coyote’s preeminent intention is modernizing the genres to see them endure in a time where uplifting and reflective music is severely called for.

An additional 3 singles will be released during summer 2021. 

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